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Best Tools for PHP Development

Best Tools for PHP Development

These tools used in PHP development are Integrate Development Environment (IDE) which makes web development in PHP more easy and efficient for every business requirement. That is the reason why business owners hire a PHP developer to get their site built with the help of the best of the tools available online. You can also hire PHP developer to get your website built in one of the PHP development tools. Nowadays there are so many free and premium tools available online for PHP development. And for your reference, I have discussed some of the best-known tools for PHP web development.


-Most widely used PHP development tool
-It is a free tool for PHP development
-It supports open-source server like Glassfish, Apache Tomcat, Web tools platform, etc
-This supports quite a good amount of languages like PHP itself, Groovy, COBOL, Fortran, ROR and many others.
-It supports multiple platforms Linus, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris


-It has got a free trial and u have to buy the full version for extreme features
-Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux are the platforms which are supported by this tool
-It does not support as many languages as an eclipse but covers almost every essential one. PHP, Objective C, C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and C# are the languages it supports.
-It can well integrate with Subversion, Github, cross platforms, etc

Net beans

-In terms of the platform supporting it is the same as Zend, Besides in supports Solaris as well.
-It does not support as many programming languages as Eclipse but yes can support a few more than Zend. PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, C++, XML, HTML5 and much more
-It also supports PHP frameworks like Cakephp, Zend, Ant, Maven, subversion, CVS, Clearcase and others more

Visual Studio (With Xamarin)

-It is an independent tool
-It has a free trial version available but for the full version, it is quite costly than above-discussed tools
-The platforms it support are Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
-Languages like PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, C, and C# are supported by these tools.
-It can be integrated with Apache Subversion, Github and few other controlling systems.

PHP Storm

-It is a premium tool
-Languages it support are JavaScript, HTML and upper PHP 5.3 and versions above it.
-Other features that it offers GitHub, Code quality analysis, PHP unit Test and more.
-This tool supports platform known as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux


-It is a premium tool which can be accessed with license
-There are some programming languages as well as markup languages it support.
-This tool is featured with the cross-platform, package manager and also python API
-Platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Aptana Studio

-This tool is free to use under the GPL License
-The platforms which are supported by this tool are Windows, Linux, plugins for eclipse and Mac OS X
-Languages it supports- are PHP, Python, HTML DOM, JavaScript, CSS, Perl and can support ROR by plugins

The Bottom line

With this, I will wrap up my discussion about the best tools for PHP development. I hope, this article has well walked you through the tools for PHP development and will help you choose the right technology for your website. As there is a wide range of free and premium PHP development tools online which can help build a dynamic and efficient website for your business. An expert PHP developer will be knowing that every tool is different in terms of usage, concept, ability, design, and functionality. You can also hire a PHP developer who has expertise in PHP development as he will be well aware of the advantages and challenges a tool can bring up in the web development